Intarnational students​

Admission and Degree Programs

Language requirements:

Please note that the language of instruction at the University is Ukrainian All Bachelor, Master and PhD programs are in Ukrainian.

Preparatory Course:

If you are interested to study at UNFU, but do not speak Ukrainian, you can be enrolled after finishing preparatory course for studying Ukrainian. Please fill out the application form and we will contact you.

Bachelor and Master Degree programs

Admission and Degree Programs* Bachelor and Master Degree programs available for admission of international students

Code of field of education

Field of education

Code of specialty



Bachelor programs

Master programs

02Culture and Art Design022DesignIndustrial DesignDesign
05Social and behavioral science051EconomicsEnterprise EconomicsEnterprise Economics
Environmental and Nature Resources EconomicsEnvironmental and Nature Resources Economics
International EconomicsInternational Economics
07Management and administration073ManagementOrganisations Management and AdministeringOrganisations Management and Administering
International Business ManagementInternational Business Management
12Information Technology122Computer ScienceComputer ScienceComputer Science
18Production and technology187Woodworking and Furniture TechnologiesWood and Furniture TechnologyWoodworking technologies
Computerized design and production technologies
Innovative startups of woodworking and furniture industriesTechnologies of wood products 
20Agricultural science and food205ForestryHuntingHunting
Forestry EngineeringForestry Engineering

* Ukrainian national classification of fields of study

PhD programs

  • 051 – Economics
  • 122 – Computer Science
  • 133 – Industry engineering
  • 151 – Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
  • 161 – Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • 187 – Wood and Furniture Technology
  • 205 – Forestry
  • 206 – Park and Garden Management


Ukrainian National Forestry University provides accommodation at dormitory 10, Pryrodna St., 79057 Lviv Ukraine. There are two/three bed rooms with bathroom. The kitchen is shared by students living on the floor.


Meals for students are served in the student´s canteen. Cash payment only. Catering services are provided: Monday – Fridays: 9.00-16.00 am.

International Office

Halyna Lesiuk – Engineer for working with students

Tel.: + 38 098 559 27 80

E-mail:  halyna.lesiuk@nltu.edu.ua

Shevchenko Ivanna – Engineer of International Office

  Tel.: +38 097 321 41 45

  E-mail: shevchenko.ivanna@nltu.edu.ua 

Pavlyuk Nataliya – Engineer of International Office

Tel.: +38 097 793 18 95

  E-mail: nata.pavlyuk@nltu.edu.ua 

International Office administers international cooperation at Ukrainian National Forestry University.

The International Office is controlled by Mykola Borys, Vice Rector for Educational Work and International Relations.

Our main activities are:

  • Organization of sending the University staff and students abroad and hosting of overseas delegations and individual specialists at the University;
  • Enhancing cooperation with international funds, projects, programs;
  • Informing about opportunities of student and teaching mobility at University, about competitions, international programs and possibilities of cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign universities-partners;
  • Providing consultation and review of appropriate documents and applications within the mobility programs;
  • Providing preparation of international agreements and their registration.

International Office

Tel.: +38 (032) 258 41 51

Internal tel.: 4145

E-mail: vmz@nltu.edu.ua

Information For Visitors To Ukraine

For all visas the following must be submitted:

  1. A national passport, valid for at least three months after the expiration date of the requested visa and having at least 2 blank visa designated pages;
  2. Visa Application form per each passport holder – answered completely and legibly typed or printed in ink in block letters, dated and personally signed by the applicant.
  3. 2 photos – recent, passport-sized, resembling applicant’s travel document photo.
  4. Valid international medical insurance
  5. Sufficient financial means for the period of intended stay and return to the country of origin or transit to a third country or guaranty to obtain sufficient financial resources in Ukraine.
  6. Together with all items listed above the following documents, each hereinafter referred to as “the supporting document”, related to the purpose of entry, must be submitted for visas.

Ordinary visa processing time is 15 calendar days (or more, up to 1 month – in case of additional requirements according to the decision of Consul)

Express visa is processed within less than 15 calendar days from the day of submission and costs double price – provided the urgent visa processing is possible.

Additional documents for your visa and visa fees find at Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate for your country: http://mfa.gov.ua/en/about-mfa/abroad/embassies

Here you can check if you need a visa to enter Ukraine.


However, for confirmation and more detailed information, we would recommend to contact the Ukrainian Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country before travelling.


Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovak Republic
Address:      81101, Bratislava, Radvanska St.,35.
Phone:         (00 4212) 5920 2816, (00 4212) 5920 2813
Fax:   (00 4212) 59202837
Email:          consular@ukrembassy.sk
Website:      http://slovakia.mfa.gov.ua/sk/consular-affairs/contacts

Federal Republic of Germany

Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the FederalRepublic of Germany
Address:      10117 Berlin,Albrechtstrasse 26.
Phone:         (+4930) 288 87 214, (+4930) 288 87 0
Fax:   (+4930) 288 87 7219
Email:          konsulat@ukrainische-botschaft.de
Website: http://germany.mfa.gov.ua/de/consular-affairs/contacts

Republic of Estonia

Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia
Address:      15170 Tallinn, Lahe 6 .
Phone:         (372) 601 58 35, +37258874477
Fax:   (372) 601 58 16
Email:          consul.estonia@mfa.gov.ua
Website: http://estonia.mfa.gov.ua/en/consular-affairs/general-information


ConsularSection of the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland
Address:      00580 Warszawa, AlejaSzucha, 7.
Phone:         +48 (22) 621-39-79
Fax:   +48 (22) 629-95-76
Email:          konsulat@ukraine-emb.pl
Website: http://poland.mfa.gov.ua/pl/consular-affairs/contacts

If you need a visa, you must submit the following documents:

  • passport that should meet the following requirements:
    • be valid for at least three months after the stated date of departure from Ukraine;
    • have at least two blank visa designated pages;
    • have validity period of no longer than 10 years;
  • completed and signed Visa Application form (you will need Acrobat Reader to view or print these forms). Visa application forms of minors shall be submitted for each person and signed by a parent or legal guardian. For speeding up application process Visa Application Forms should be submitted online via  http://visa.mfa.gov.ua web site;
  • one coloured photo 35 mm x 45 mm;
  • valid health insurance with coverage of at least 30,000 EUR or equivalent in other currency. When multi-entry visa is requested, availability of health insurance valid for the first intended visit to Ukraine shall be considered. Holders of diplomatic or service passport shall be exempt from this requirement;
  • proof of the sufficient  financial means for the intended period of stay and return to the country of origin, or transit to a third country, or the possibility to legally obtain sufficient financial means on the territory of Ukraine (at the rate of 750 USD per 15 days stay). Holders of diplomatic or service passport shall be exempt from this requirement;
  • payment of consular fee, unless otherwise stipulated by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine.
  • together with all items listed above the following documents related to the purpose of entry must be submitted for visas.

According to the visa types one of the additional documents (e.g. letter of invitation) also shall be submitted http://mfa.gov.ua/en/consular-affairs/con/visa 


All visitors are supposed to have a medical insurance valid in Ukraine for the whole period of stay.

Here you can find list of insurance companies of Ukraine insuring people traveling to EU/Schengen Area States


Accommodation In Lviv


Contact details (phone)

Website for information

Вартість до 15 євро за особу

Apartments Lux in city center Lviv

(+38) 067 671 1711http://apartments-lux-in-city-center-lviv.bedspro.com/en/
Hotel Kaiser

(+38) 032 2358228

Hostel Perfetto(+38) 063 060 4564


Art Avenue ApartHotel(+38) 063 060 4564


OK Apartments Lviv 


Avino Apart – Hostel(+38) 073 132 4873


StareMisto(+38) 093 423 0100


Hostel Q(+38) 067 266 2196




Heavently B&B(+38) 063 215 9462


Вартість понад 30 євро за особу

Hotel Plazma(+38 )067 101 3777


Hotel “Edem”(+38 )097 739 5677


Premier Hotel Dnister(+38 )0322 974 317


Hotel ibis Styles Lviv Center+38 (032)2 546 767




Saint Feder Boutique Hotel(+38 )0322 970 000


British Club Lviv(+38 )067 370 6666



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